Squad 6

Log for Squad 6


Mission Report #1
Rank:D Mission:Babysitting son of businessman Kiyoshi-sama from 9am-5pm in Kiyoshi Residence
Participating in Mission: Genin Squad 6, consisting of (Genins) Ariyhoshi Fumie, Arihyoshi Izumi, Hikari Hub, and (Jounin)Shibatora

After being informed of the mission by Shibatora-sensei, we proceeded from our team meeting location to the Kiyoshi Residence in the Residential District adjacent to the Business District. On arrival, we met Kiyoshi Obito-sama as he was leaving for his business for the day. We were informed that his wife was also out, and all of the staff were on holiday. The only individual in residence in the mission objective, Kiyoshi Makka-kun. He proceeded to leave, after warning us of his son’s brattiness, and apologizing in advance. Shortly thereafter, we heard a loud sound coming from the house.

Fumie, Hikari, and I rushed to investigate, and discovered the subject using a katana inside a room that appeared to be an office. Fumie tried to talk him into calming down, but the subject ignored her and continued destroying the room. I proceeded to catch him unaware and remove the katana, as well as picking the subject up and proceeding to take him outside and dumping him into a nearby fountain, after being subject to extensive vitrol. He agreed to adjust his behavior, and Fumie and I took him to the bath, while Hikari straightened up the wrecked room. Shibatora-sensei staying in the front parlor, and drank tea.

While I hunted out clean clothes for the subject from the nursery, Fumie stood guard at the door to the bath. Hikari joined her after he finished with the office, and on conferring with Fumie on the length of him the subject had been in the bath, realized he had escaped. Subject Makka created a zip-line from the bath to the parlor, and fell onto Shibatora-sensei’s shoulders, interrupting her tea. There was a short altercation between the two, and a glass shelf was broken. The noise alerted the rest of the team to the subject’s location, and we attempted to catch him in the parlor. The subject escaped into a ceiling passage, and I attempted to follow using my ninjutsu’s Jump and Updraft to reach the ceiling passage, and crawl inside. Meanwhile, the loud explosion in the upper floor alerted Fumie and Hikari to the subject’s possible location. They discovered a room on fire. Hikari used his water ninjutsu to put the fire out before it spread far. They observed Subject Makka outside through the window, and Fumie used her Updraft to jump out the window, with Hikari. She passed out from Chakra exhaustion mid-flight, and Hikari managed to land safely, and cushion most of her fall, so that she only incurred minimal injuries. I had by this time, proceeded through the passage to the upper floor, and arrived in the now-smoking room. I discovered a switch in the wall, and proceeded to be changed to another room through a revolving wall. In this room, I fell into a slide that landed me into a large soap-filled bath. After emerging from this, I saw out the window my teammates trying unsuccessfully to corral the subject, who had acquired a weapon. I ran outside to give my assistance.

We had a short altercation with Subject Makka to remove his new weapon (Sword-chucks) from him. My sword was unsuccessful in disarming him, and on a swing of his, my tangled sword injured Hikari badly in the arm. Nonetheless, Hikari was able to disarm the subject, and Shibatora-sensei stepped in and created a tall wooden fence around us to pen the subject in. Fumie was woken, Hikari’s injury were seen to. We all then attempted to distract Subject Makka during the remaining time of the mission. Fumie sat with him while Hikari and I sparred. Sensei transformed and used clone jutsus to create an interesting sight on the roof over us. When the subject was sufficently awed by our ninja skills, and was eager to learn about how we gained these skills, we all attempted to explain to him that if he would curb his behavior, he might convince his father to allow his attendance to the Ninja Academy, and gain these skills himself. This would require a change in behavior and attitude towards others. He agreed to clean up the office that he destroyed as much as possible, and we ate a quick meal Fumie made just before Kiyoshi Obito-samam arrived.

Subject Makka willingly apologized for his actions to his father, and started cleaning the fire-damaged room. The Team was given a 100 gold bonus per person. The team volunteered to help Subject Makka with his cleaning. We look forward to his ninja career.

End Report

Complied by Arihyoshi Izumi(Genin)

Squad 6

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